The Hab Bazaar Vendor Experience

Are you curious about what it’s like using the Hab Bazaar to host your shop and manage your orders? This post gives prospective vendors a visual guide of how the Bazaar would work for you. Here is the The Hab Bazaar Vendor Experience.

To start, we created the Bazaar to connect buyers and sellers of Haberdashery in a central location for everyone to find and share, and to make it as easy as convenient as possible to make it happen. And all of that for no up-front costs and with as low of fees as possible. Like Etsy, but with no restrictions, better, and just for us.

So that’s our goal, and this post is to highlight what it looks like after you to create an account and start to sell on the Bazaar. Before diving into this post, you definitely want to go to to get a full overview of the platform’s features and fee structure. Maybe also check out this short video we shared on our Facebook Page that explains many of our features:

1. Your Storefront

In addition to your items being listed and featured on the Bazaar’s Home Page (for most recent items) and the main Shop and Category pages when customers browse or search, you will have your own public facing storefront page that you can share. You can even customize the end of the URL link. Here are a few good examples so you can see for yourself:

2. Customizable Product Listings

You can sell all kinds of products on the Hab Bazaar, from the very simple to the very complex. Here are some examples:

We provide a very detailed setup guide in the Vendor Knowledgebase for all of this. For very complex listings with input fields etc., don’t worry about the learning curve because Titless is here to help you get it set up.

For a quick visual overview of most of the Bazaar’s selling features, check out this short video we shared on our Facebook Page. There is a section on product listings:

3. Your Dashboard

When you sign up and are approved, you’ll get access to an extremely powerful vendor dashboard. Your dashboard is loaded with features, and the first thing you’ll see is your main dashboard, displaying a general overview of your store. Here are some screen shots. Note that once you’re approved, definitely go to the Vendor Knowledgebase inside the dashboard first for a detailed explanation of each screen.

The Hab Bazaar Vendor Experience 1
The Hab Bazaar Vendor Experience 2
The Hab Bazaar Vendor Experience 3

4. Orders Management

This is your bread and butter and a primary reason for using the Hab Bazaar to manage your orders. You’ll no longer have to copy and paste from emails into excel spreadsheets ever again.

We’ve made this easy and are always working to improve the experience. Here is what your orders screen will look like:

The Hab Bazaar Vendor Experience 6

On this screen, you can see all your orders. From here, you can click to view all the details of the orders with the eyeball icon, mark them as shipped (pops up a tracking number input form and automatically sends your customer an email with it), and download a properly formatted professional invoice or packing slip if needed.

Additionally, you can see the Billing Name, Shipping Address, and Products Ordered without having to enter the order itself. So, you can very easily use this screen to copy and paste all the shipping addresses to a word document of an envelope and print — just make sure to go inside the order to verify quantities before getting too adventurous. Or, just print a stack of packing slips on demand with the second PDF icon.

5. Post-Order Messaging

After the order is purchased, if you need to communicate with your customer for any reason — or they need to communicate with you — we have an embedded messaging feature inside each individual order.

We’ve designed this to help you keep your Hab selling-related activities separate and easy to use, so nothing gets lost in your regular messaging app or otherwise falls through the cracks. It looks a little something like this:

The Hab Bazaar Vendor Experience 7

6. Statistics and Reports

You will also have the ability to take a look at your statistics over time in a conveniently formatted set of charts, where you can set filters to compare various date ranges if needed. There are many

The Hab Bazaar Vendor Experience 8
The Hab Bazaar Vendor Experience 9

7. Net Earnings Payouts

Quickly and easily withdraw your earnings with just a few clicks. For detailed information of how the Bazaar handles payments, please see for all the details on fees and how the cash flow works. We also have a section in the Vendor Knowledgebase found in your Dashboard once you sign up.

In this screen shot, you can see where you can either select all of your earnings or do it order-by-order, then a button appears to request withdrawal. Withdrawal occurs instantly without any admin intervention required, which means no delays whatsoever in receiving your money.

Please note that the $0.00 earnings in the picture are just for demonstration purposes:

The Hab Bazaar Vendor Experience 10

8. Miscellaneous Features

Here are some other things that are available in your Vendor Dashboard:

  • Coupon Codes: Create your own coupon codes with many customization options. More info in the Vendor Knowledgebase.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Simply paste in your GA code and you’re good to go. Get an even more detailed report on the users hitting your storefront page.
  • Storefront SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Your shop settings include a section for Meta Title, Keywords, and Description so you Storefront shows up how you want it in Search Engines!
  • Sub-Accounts: Create access to your account and customize what aspects the sub-account can change. Perfect for Kennel Hab to allow others to upload new products but not change anything finance related.
  • Vacation Mode: Going travel hashing? Quickly set your store up to automatically inform your customers of any delays when they purchase. You can even block sales if you need to. And… this is calendar based so you don’t have to remember to undo it!

9. Wrap Up

So there you have it! A quick overview of what it looks like to sell on the Bazaar. Again, you definitely want to check out first for a full features list and fee breakout.

Then once you’re ready, just Click Here to submit your vendor application. You can poke around for yourself and see what it is all about without any obligation, since there’s no cost until something sells.

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